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The flyers that Lucille Roberts distributes advertising their latest membership promotion say "Use this flyer as a free guest pass!" on them...with no "fine print." These have an expiration date, though the flyer doesn't say that, so they may not let you in when you show up. Furthermore, to have your free workout, they require photo ID that shows you live or work within 5 miles of gym.

My work ID has photo but not the building address. It does says Time/Life Building on it, which is a well-known building in NYC's Rockefeller Center (and about 10 blocks from the gym in question). She would not accept that...had to see a business card or pay stub with my work address, neither of which I had with me. I don't have a problem with the policy per se, but just that (1) There is NOTHING on the flyer indicating you need to bring certain specific type of ID, or any restrictions regarding the free visit; (2) She should have accepted an ID that says Time/Life Building.

She claims she doesn't the building...if you work in midtown Manhattan, you should know that building. It's a landmark!

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