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I was never happy with Lucille Roberts from the start. The gym was disgustingly dirty, stinky and never had enough equipment to accommodate everyone. There was actually a wait list for the cardio machines! The classes were disappointing.

Anyway, my husband is serving in the military, and they sent us to Alaska. The move was complicated and Lucille Roberts made it worse. When I signed up they actually told me to not even bother calling customer service because they were a mess to work with. So, I mailed my cancellation request letter directly to them with a bank statement and utility bill showing my new address.

I get a letter in the mail stating I needed to send two documents, not just one in order for them to cancel it. I called and informed them I had sent two documents, photocopied onto one page. Customer Service tells me they only have record of one and can't go back and check because they threw the documentation away.

They were completely unhelpful and rude. They informed me I had no other choice than to send another document despite the fact that it was their fault for not even looking at the documentation I sent in the first place.

So now, they've conveniently been able to charge me two more months' membership fees since this whole process started and I have to send another letter all the way to NY from AK.

I asked to file a complaint about their business practices, I mean, if I send a letter they should at least read it carefully before throwing it out! Especially when they are making money off of ridiculous delays like this one. But, they told me all I could do was send a letter to customer service and they would note my account.

I never would have recommended this gym, but now I am warning people to stay away! Unless you want your money stolen, that is.

Review about: Lucille Roberts Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Always certify your mail when sending documentation :) :)

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