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Before i moved i went to lucilla roberts on Myrtle ave to get transfer to new location, but they told me that i don't need to do anything,just pay $10 in the new location.When i decided to join the gym on St.Nicolas, they send me to the old location.I got pissed because it's too far for me,so I called customer service;you can not believe NOBODY pick up the phone and no matter what time you re calling,there is no chance somebody gonna talk to you.Finally I called 1-800 they said that i need to go to new place and bring $10 in money order.After i got to new place again!! they send me to old place.Can you believed?

can you call this whole mess a Company?

i'm so disapointed.....

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I was about to join today along with three other friends.

Reading your comment made me open my eyes and say to *** with that.

I do not need that kind of hassle in my life. So, thank you for sharing this information. They shoud be sued.

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