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Lucille Roberts is a scam. Do not join, even though the monthly fees are cheap, you will be paying the price with a horrible gym and trouble with cancellation.

I signed a no contract package. Not only did they not mention that every 6 months, they will be charging me 40 a month, when i wanted to cancel, they wouldn't let me till 2 yrs. Also in order to cancel I couldn't even get in touch with them on the phone, the number they gave me was always busy. I had to write them a letter via postal service in order to get in touch with them.

It took them 3 months to get back to me, to let me know I couldn't cancel. Overall it was the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and the staff are completely useless.

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join the gym only if u want to get sick. so unhygienic n dirty n smelly.and they r so uncooperative... n bad attitude


I finally got through to them to cancel. I was told by a customer rep that cancellation was automatic after my contract was up.

Then they kept billing me.

When I called back I was rudely told that they had no record of my call and that their reps would never say something like that. Lucille Roberts is a total rip off.


I agree!!! They are all a bunch of scam artists!

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