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SO i was going to the lucille roberts in Plainview Long Island and left my child at the babysitting service.when i went to pick him up i looked in my bag so i can get my money to give the girl a tip(because god forbid you dont)and my $20 was not there.She was awfully nice that day That little *** took my money. I didnt say anything right away because maybe i left it at home.NOPE i went back to tell the manager which by the way the babysitter is the managers daughter. I canceled my membership They suck!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I myself go to that location and leave my children and pocketbook in the room each time, and ive never had a problem. Are you sure you didnt misplace your money?

Why would she go through your pocketbook and no one elses? I still continue to go and leave my children there, and ive never had a problem nor heard any complaints.

I actually think she is an awfully nice girl in general and is the only sitter that interacts and plays with the kids. Unless you saw her take it, do not point fingers!


Did you see her take your money? Than how do you know she did take it.NICE mouth.

You should be ashamed at yourself. Ok so I am not joining Lucille Roberts because I was an *** and left my pocket book in with a babysitter who I trust with my child and my pocket book.

I go there and the only complaint I have is that everyone leaves there pocketbooks all over the floor. Shame on you

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