The worst gym ever!! they lied when they signed me up - I waas questioning the final price and the woman was such a nasty witch and was condescending and was telling me its just tax.

Well I do have a brain and as far as I know so far in the US tax is not 35%. So I later found out it was all these service fees they do not tell you about. They told us there would never be male instructors teaching the classes now there are a minimum of 2 classes being taught by men. And I switched my purse one day and left my card at home.

They came and got me out of a class and made me leave the gym!!!!!

I had ID on me and the girl who sent me out sees my face there regularly. Someone needs to sue them or shut them done or the better business bureau needs to investigate them!!

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Hi, I am sure all gym locations are different so please indicate what gym you are at when you have a complaint or something good to say. I was looking into a membership and have heard mixed reviews about their gyms so I would just like to know which locations to stay away from and which locations are great.


wow this is craz its my first time here and i feel like i go to a completely different gym than all you guys...like what thehell... i feel bad for you all those issues.

first it suks that supposidly u were told no male instructors i mean by law they cant discriminate.. plus i have a favorite male instructor for zumba...but again it depends on how you feel. just dont rate every lucille by your experience ...try a different one.

your goal is to get in shape dont let anyone discourage you. i wont!

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