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It has been over 6 (six) weeks that there has been no water fountain that Lucille Roberts in Harlem on 125th street. Then we are told by the staff that they have water for sale for $1.00.

Is that not incredible?? When I called Corporate office to voice my complaint, would you beleive I was given the same response? They have water available for $1.00.

This is truly ridiculous and unfair to customers. I feel that we pay monthly fees and we should at least be able to drink water from a water fountain and not have to pay for it.

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I totally agree with you. Why should you have to pay.

It is all a money making thing. They want you to pay for the water and they know you need to drink after you excersize so people will end up buying the water anyways. The Lucille Roberts on Austin St.

actually has a water fountain but I usually bring my own water bottle from home. It is cheaper that way anyways.

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