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i have been on the telephone for 1 hour, & no answer. i have call several times & never got an answer.

i requested a statement & never received it what is the problem? I have tried several attempts to contact the customer

service department and there seems like they don't even answer the phone. What do I have to do to get someone to answer my questions?

It is so upsetting that I have been trying to talk to someone at lucille Robert, and futhermore I have been waiting for my statement and have not receive it. I also notice that you are trying to increase my monthly payment and thats not in the agreement.

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Hi there!

I am really sorry for your pain, I know how it feels to wait on the line half an hour and then get to talk to a lady ready to make the conversation as short as possible "because others are on the line".I guess lots of people have complaints. They have also raised my monthly payment and just found out that its not possible anymore to switch from 1/2 y contract to no commitment!!! THAT WAS NOT IN MY CONTRACT!

Their *** answer was that they did not make it public and only customers interested in that change got the news on the phone!!! Cant believe it real!!!I just canceled my contract, had to pay $106 dollars plus 2 frozen months, which I was supposed to receive at the end of my contract, but they wont just respect my rights!!

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