I go the the Lucille Roberts Gym at 125th st. the place is dirty, the staff is rude. The rules of the gym 30 minutes per machine, these rules are suppose to be inforced by the staff but most of the time they are so busy talking on the phone or playing they never enforce these rules and if they are questioned they just look at you like you are from out of space. I some times wonder if they understand english.

I have attended several gyms and most of them play music thatis fun to exercise to but I don't know what they are playing because I don't understand or speak spainish. I pay in united states dollars to hear music I don't understand, at last stop I thought this was America, I guess she can accept USD, but can only play spainsh speaking music.

I have never seen a person from corporate there even thor I have make several compalaints about the place to the corp office. I can wait for my contract TO BE UP SO I CAN GET THE *** OUT OF THERE.

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Lucille Roberts is a bit of a Scam. Don't join

Check out their Report on the Better Business Bureau - They received an "F" (BB is a Non Profit Organization that helps monitor businesses.)


Additionally, if you have a complaint it is next to impossible to get any where w/Lucille Roberts.  Instead try to see if the BBB can help mediate your problem. 

Check out



See if the Better Business Bureau can help, if you have a complaint it is next to impossible to get any where w/Lucille Roberts.  However, they help you mediate a resolution.


I cannot stand any gyms.because they ALL have loud booming music. Even with myown headphones I have to almost get it all the to high.

Peace and quiet is what I like to work out to. :upset


I've been a member for 4 yrs and when I started the gym I had a very low selsteem and thanks to the staff member I was able to reach my goal and change completely, remember that u are treated as you treat others so let's focus on what we are there for and less about the music trust me I don't think you will find another gym more affordable when I'm there I feel like home.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #43958

They are not that cheap!! At least not with me...Its true u get what u pay for,,,but still even if its $10...there is no reason at all to treat people badly...

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #43957

Lucille Roberts is like the mafia, once they have your info ur F@#K its awful!!! The staff is extremely rude & no one returns phone calls or certified letters.

Just be aware if your looking to join a gym steer clear of LUCILLE ROBERTS!!!! They are the worst!!!!!!!!

Dietrich, Idaho, United States #24210

That is one of the most arrogant, *** concerns I've ever heard. And I totally agree with "racist" in that he or she said "Spanish" music is from spain, while I highly doubt that you were hearing Flamenco or something...learn about a culture before whining so much!

Bucyrus, Missouri, United States #20328

I don't know what all these people are so ridiculously offended by, but you're completely right. This is America, they should only really be playing mainstream American music.

The only thing everyone at the gym has in common is living in America, by which they consent to being exposed to its culture.

If you were going to a gym in a Spanish country, then you'd have consented to being part of Spanish culture, and thus you would be in the wrong for complaining about Spanish music.

I don't demand the gym put on Arabic music, even though a large portion of the members are Arab. And if they did put on Arabic music, I can't imagine having a problem with someone who didn't speak Arabic complaining.

As far as the 30 minute machine rule, if you tell the person that you signed up for the machine now, they more often than not are perfectly pleasant about giving up the machine.

Brightlingsea, England, United Kingdom #19950

i agree that it is annoying to hear music that one cannot understand. calm down, this woman is not being racist!

i had the same experience at the lucille roberts in ridgewood when i lived there. i mean, if you were polish, you wouldn't play polka music at the gym you worked out just because YOU understood and enjoyed it, right? i definitely agree that upbeat, popular dance-y music should be played, but yea, just ask them to change the music and i'm sure they'll oblige.

better yet, bring your own music (which isn't always much of a solution anyway since LR plays their music at such a high decibel level that it's sometimes impossible to hear what's coming out of your headphones without getting a migraine and/or going deaf!). but, you get what you pay for, i suppose...!

Yopal, Casanare, Colombia #19284

Stacey, this IS being racist and very IGNORANT. I agree with he other comment, you don't like the music, bring an ipod.

Up to now, I have not heard a valid reason why she does not like this gym.

or this *** said was "I don't like the spanish music, i don;t like to hear something that i don't understand" Grow up! and you might be a minority, but I bet my bottom dollar that you are not a spanish minority

Rochester, Massachusetts, United States #19132

You people need to relax. Her comment might have been a bit arrogant but it was not racist.

And this is coming from a minority. Please.

Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States #17773

Your comment about the gym cannot be taken under consideration. You are using prejudice to put down the gym.

If you are unhappy with the amount of time someone is using a machine maybe you should politely ask them to get off the machine being that their time is up. If you are unhappy with the music, bring an iPod or CD player with you, if you are still unsatisfied with the gym then cancel your contract, do not bash on the staff or the gym because of the music they’re listening too or their nationalities.

Raymond, Washington, United States #11098

your ignorance disgust me! how dare u say all that bs ur saying...how can u be so racist.

If you dislike the gym then theres a thing called cancellation...go cancel your contract . && if u hate it so much why dont you go join one of the fabulous gyms.

You should go learn a few things about the LATINO (spanish music is music from spain & im sure that wasnt what u were hearing dumba**) , culture & then maybe you wont be so ignorant... u disgust me

Ogden, Utah, United States #10198

That is pretty low. If you don’t like it then go to a different gym.

Or complain in a different manner rather then sounding arrogant and ***.

Just because you pay to be there does not entitle you to have complete control of what music they play. Anyway are you there for the music or for the gym?

Shallotte, North Carolina, United States #6581

I too go to this particular gym. If you don't like the music, ask them to change it cuz they will.

I've done it.

All the LR's hire high school kids who don't give a ***. Quit ***!ng about it, you get what you pay for.

Shallotte, North Carolina, United States #6580

I too go to this particular gym. If you don't like the music, ask them to change it cuz they will.

I've done it.

All the *** LR's hire high school kids who don't give a ***. Quit *** about it, you get what you pay for.

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