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The other reviews are right on point. The girls at the front desk are rude, uncaring and have never done one thing for me except take my money.

They won't look you up if you forget your card. Change the class schedule as they please and sometimes don't even show up to open the gym!!

They recently let go one of their best and most popular instructors and treated her horribly.

The only reason we go to the gym is because of the instructors.

The instructors are amazing, but the young girls that run the place need to learn some manners and business sense.

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I had the same experience. I asked them to look up my card because I left it and they refused.

I also changed banks and wanted to pay for my membership with my new bank card and their website is down and will not take payments. I tried calling and got a busy signal. The only time the phone rang at their main office was when no one was there. I called the gym and they said that they can't do anything.

I put money in my old checking account and Lucielle Roberts took their payment plus a late fee without my authorization.

I don't know what to do. I want to work out but I can't because I didn't pay and I don't want to pay because I want to dispute what they did.

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