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Once again I arrive for a class 15 minutes early . found a parking spot without waiting for someone to leave.

a miracle. 6:15 class for boot camp. no mats left no room on floor to stand. so the trainer has everyone move up and to the left.

only now can't really entend my arms or legs without hitting person next to me. after 30 mintute mats out?? is she crazy? now the entire floor is mats , no place to even stand now.

I dont have map anyway. I left once again in frustration. four people followed me out . one cursing all the way to her car.

there is an entire first floor office beneth this gym for rent SINCE THEY OPENED! the stock answer from the staff. they never expected so many people for this location . that excuse ran out after the first year.

why sign up new members ???

DO WE NEED TO START A PETITION TO GET THIS RESOLVED? I am writing one up now to place on windsheilds the next time this happens.


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High Point, North Carolina, United States #1263377

Most gyms have a limited number of participants so people can work out effectively, especially in NYC where its highly populated. If they're out of mats, they're out of mats.

I just make sure I'm there very very early and do cardio. Good luck next time☺

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